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"Map Mazes" by Sam Smith is a captivating maze book that takes you across continents, through world-famous cities, and into long-lost lands. Whether navigating real places or imaginary realms, these map-themed mazes offer a delightful challenge for young adventurers.

Within the pages, you'll discover mazes with additional puzzles and challenges to solve along the way. The difficulty level gradually increases, providing an engaging opportunity for children to enhance their problem-solving and visual recognition skills. Each maze presents a new adventure, from charting a safe course through icebergs to taking a whirlwind tour of Great Britain.

This book serves as a brilliant educational tool for learning about maps, with the added benefit of finding all the answers conveniently located at the back. Sam Smith, the talented author, brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to this maze-filled exploration. From navigating the streets of bustling cities to traversing imaginary terrains, "Map Mazes" offers a dynamic and educational adventure for young minds.

About the Author:
Sam Smith, born on January 24, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York, is not only an NBA writer for the Chicago Bulls website but also a versatile author. Known for his contributions to various articles and books, including The New York Times bestseller, The Jordan Rules, Sam has a unique talent for creating engaging and educational content. His journey from falling off bicycles in Buckinghamshire to crafting captivating stories reflects his passion for inspiring young readers. Since joining Usborne in 2013, Sam has continued to contribute to a diverse range of titles, from fold-out solar systems to maze books filled with swashbuckling pirates. Occasionally, he even cycles to work, adding a touch of adventure to his creative process.

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