Tech Will Save Us Electro Guitar Kit (8 years+)


Electro Guitar Kit

Ready to rock? Kids build their very own electric guitar and amp from scratch. The kit enables kids to creatively express themselves through music and learn how electrical charges create sound. They’ll even get to record tracks, layer riffs and pump things up by adding wicked effects.

Build the guitar and amp to immediately bring your favorite tunes to life

Record sounds, layer riffs and add awesome effects using the Recording Studio

Play and Learn
Learn how electronic string instruments work by following step-by-step tutorials

More than just music!
 The Electro Guitar teaches kids about sound technology, music production, sound waves and how electronic components bring sound to life. And remember: the harder they shred, the more skilled a musician they become (and the sharper their motor skills get). So let ‘em crank the volume up, jam out, and get ready for a stadium tour… in the kitchen!

What’s in the box?
1 x Amplifier Module 
1 x Piezo Pickup
6 x Strings
1 x Speaker
4 x Plastic Connections
Cardboard Pieces for the amplifier and guitar


What is the Electro Guitar Kit?
The Electro Guitar kit allows kids to build their own DIY electric guitar and amp and enables them to learn how technology works. They can also share, record, layer or remix their newest rock anthems.

What do you learn with this kit?
Kids learn about music and sound technology, music productions, sound waves and how electronic components bring sound to life. They also get to develop their creativity and motor skills by playing with the guitar!

What is the suitable age for this kit?
Perfect for kids aged 8 years and up, the Electro Guitar kit has a low entry point and high ceiling – meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone, beginners and experienced musicians alike.