Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit


  Recommended Age: 12+ years

Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit is an educational make-it-yourself set that allows your child to uncover secrets behind our weird and wacky weather. This set is designed to inspire young scientists to understand the science of storms in order to make a tornado, create a tidal wave, make their own powerful weather effects, create lighting at home, make their own storm front and whip up a blizzard in a test tube. Questions like “What makes a Tsunami?” and “How does a volcano make rain?” are just a few of topics addressed in this kit. Your child will learn to act and think like a real scientist by comparing things, asking questions and making observations by their different senses to understand the really fun and cool science about weather and what makes it so weird.

Includes instant snow (0.5oz.), baking soda (0.5oz.), citric acid (0.5oz.), test tube with cap, 2 color tablets, 2 plastic bottles, vortex connector, 15 beads, balloon, measuring spoon, volcano mold with cap and instructions. Recommended for children 12 years of age and older.

Our product #: 187233

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