Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PP Bottle 260ml (6-Pack)


Introducing the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PP Bottle, the ultimate solution for seamless feeding experiences and happy babies. This 6-pack of 260ml bottles brings you the award-winning excellence of Tommee Tippee, where the transition between breast and bottle feeding is as easy as can be.

  • Original Breast-Like Design: Our Closer to Nature bottle is inspired by mums and designed by experts to mimic the natural flex, stretch, and movement of a mother's breast. Enjoy comfortable, relaxed feeding with the super-sensitive valve that encourages intuitive feeding actions.
  • Super Soft Silicone Teat: The new and improved teat is even softer and closer to the skin than the original, enhancing your baby's feeding comfort. It's a latch made in heaven, designed with breastfeeding experts to imitate the natural breast's flex and movement.
  • Breast-Like Teat Shape: Shaped like a breast because babies prefer it that way. The easy latch-on teat allows babies to latch on easily and supports a smooth transition between breast and bottle feeding. Crafted from soft silicone, it feels remarkably close to the skin for complete comfort at feeding time.
  • Anti-Colic Valve: The Closer to Nature teat features an anti-colic valve that reduces excessive air flow, ensuring your little one ingests more milk and less air. Say goodbye to colic symptoms for a fuss-free feeding experience.
  • Easy Hold Design: The easy hold bottle is versatile, offering three comfortable ways to hold it. Cradle it in your hand, grip it like a traditional wide-neck bottle, or hold it from the base for a natural feeding position that makes feeding comfortable for everyone.
  • Easy Clean and BPA Free: The wide neck bottle simplifies cleaning, and these bottles are suitable for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and sterilisers. Trust in Tommee Tippee's commitment to safety with BPA- and phthalate-free bottles.
  • Flow Options for Growing Babies: Choose from different flow rates to match your baby's needs. Slow flow and vari flow for 0+ months, medium flow for 3+ months, and fast flow for 6+ months. Ensure you're providing the right flow rate by looking out for signs like teat collapse, prolonged feeding times, or baby tugging at the teat.

Teat Care Tips:

  1. Silky Soft Teats: Change damaged or bitten teats for continued comfort.
  2. Compatibility: Closer to Nature baby bottles only work with Closer to Nature teats.
  3. Venting Assurance: When assembling, ensure the teat's slit isn't sealed closed. If sealed, gently pinch it open for proper venting.

Elevate your feeding routine with the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PP Bottle – where innovation, comfort, and safety come together for delightful feeding moments.

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