Twistshake Anti-Colic 260ml - Black

  Recommended Age: 0+ months

Bottle feeding your baby couldn’t be easier with Twistshake. Forget about unwanted interruptions during meal-time, caused by clogs in the teat. With the uniquely designed mixer net you won’t be having these problems. Twistshake makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding both smooth and safe. The anti-colic valve reduces colic. Together with the mixer net it creates an even flow. Use the smart containers to store formula and other treats. Stack them together and bring your daily needs!

Having trouble cleaning your bottles? Not anymore! With Twistshake’s wide neck it’s an easy clean. Its ergonomic design makes it grip-friendly for babies. With more than one bottle you can mix the parts and create your own favorite color combination. 180ml/6oz capacity, made from high-quality BPA-free Polypropylene plastic. 100% supersoft-silicone teat in the size S (recommended for babies from the age 0m). Twistshake is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Twistshake will make your day colorful! Designed in collaboration with parents of babies.

Our product #: 68018

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