Baby Einstein™ Neptune's Discovery Reef™ Play Gym & Take-Along Toy Bar


  Recommended Age: 0 months+

Introducing the Baby Einstein™ Neptune's Discovery Reef™ Play Gym & Take-Along Toy Bar, designed to provide endless hours of play and learning for your little one.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 Design: Versatile and adaptable, this play gym offers three modes – Lay and play, Tummy Time, and Take-Along, ensuring your baby's developmental needs are met as they grow.
  • Engaging Tunes: The light-up 2-in-1 Tunes toy bar, attachable to infant carriers, plays over 65 songs in English, Spanish, and French. This feature promotes music appreciation and language learning on the go.
  • Vibrant Visual Stimulation: Three vibrantly coloured toys accompany your baby's playtime, encouraging exploration through grasping, batting, and tugging.
  • Familiar Friend: The removable Neptune the Turtle toy, part of the Baby Einstein edutainment series and books, becomes a beloved companion that grows with your baby.
  • Suitable for Various Ages: Recommended for babies aged 0-36 months, ensuring prolonged use as your little one progresses through different developmental stages.

Additional Details:

  • Gender-Neutral Design: Suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Dimensions: 27.0" (H) x 22.0" (W) x 0.8" (D)
  • User Age Range: 0 - 36 months
  • Assembly Required: Yes, with straightforward instructions provided.
  • Batteries: Requires 2 AA Alkaline Batteries for the interactive Tunes toy bar.
  • Materials: Crafted from a blend of plastic (40%) and metal (10%) for durability.

Care Instructions:

  • Mat: Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle. Air dry. Avoid using bleach.
  • Toy Bar Assembly and Toys: Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap before use. Air dry. Do not immerse in water.
  • Reassembly: To reassemble the gym, connect the A-hook at the ends of the toy bars to the fabric loops on the bottom corners of the play mat.

Provide your baby with a stimulating and enjoyable play experience while fostering growth and learning with the Baby Einstein™ Neptune's Discovery Reef™ Play Gym & Take-Along Toy Bar.

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