Beaba Gift Meal Set - Pink Grid


  Recommended Age: 4 months+

There is nothing better than enjoying every bite of one’s meal! With the adorable Béaba meal set, your child is well equipped for every mealtime.

This super cute gift set contains a plate, a bowl, a cup as well as a fork, and a spoon. As soon as the table is set, your child can start tucking in. Thanks to the division of the plate into two sections, the individual flavors of the food are preserved and the different textures are separated from one another. Potatoes, vegetables, pureed foods, or fish and meat - your child can enjoy and try each taste separately.

The non-slip material on the bottom of the plate and bowl ensures stability on the table. That way, nothing can slip or shift out of place and your little one can eat much easier any mishaps. The rounded shape of the stainless-steel cutlery is particularly child-friendly. The spoon and fork can be held comfortably in your child's small hand and the risk of injury is reduced as well.

As a particularly trendy addition, you can get the bib that matches perfectly with the design of the set as an accessory!

Make your loved ones happy and give away this beautifully boxed Béaba meal set.


  • Suitable from approx. 4 months
  • Available in different designs
  • Including gift packaging
  • Items delivered: 1 plate with 2 sections, 1 bowl, 1 spoon, and 1 fork
  • Non-slip material on the bottom of the plate and bowl
  • Cutlery with round shape
  • Material: melamine, stainless steel
  • Care instructions: wash by hand or clean in the dishwasher

Our product #: 196620

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