• Books Little Miss Brainy

Books Little Miss Brainy


Meet "Little Miss Brainy" from the enchanting Little Miss Classic Library by Roger Hargreaves.

Little Miss Brainy is a clever character who seems to have the answers to almost everything! She takes joy in visiting Cleverland, where everyone is as smart as she is.

The timeless appeal of Mr Men and Little Miss characters has been captivating children for generations. With bold illustrations and amusing stories, the Mr Men and Little Miss series offers the perfect storytime experience for children aged two and up. Have you had the joy of meeting all these delightful characters?


About the Author:
The whimsical world of Mr Men and Little Miss began with a simple tickle. Roger Hargreaves' son, Adam, sparked the idea by asking what a tickle looked like. In response, Roger created Mr Tickle, a small orange man with extraordinarily long arms that could tickle anyone, anywhere. The success of Mr Tickle led to the creation of beloved characters like Mr Greedy, Mr Happy, Mr Nosey, Mr Sneeze, and Mr Bump, captivating both children and adults for generations.

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