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Journey into the whimsical world of Nonsense Land, nestled in the heart of Whoopee Wood, with "Little Miss Dotty" by Roger Hargreaves.

Follow the charming escapades of Little Miss Dotty as she navigates the quirky landscapes of Nonsense Land, determined to clinch the coveted cup for the dottiest idea of the year. 

A delightful addition to the cherished Mr Men and Little Miss series, renowned for its timeless appeal to children with its bold illustrations and humorous stories. Perfect for story time with children aged two and up. Have you encountered all the delightful characters in this beloved series?


About the Author:
The enchanting universe of Mr Men and Little Miss sprang from the imaginative mind of Roger Hargreaves. Fueled by a simple tickle, Roger's son Adam's innocent question led to the creation of Mr. Tickle, the inaugural Mr Men character. From the advent of Mr. Tickle, other iconic figures like Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, and Mr. Bump emerged, captivating readers of all ages. Roger aimed to bring joy to children, and his legacy lives on through the laughter evoked by characters like Mr. Silly, his personal favorite.

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