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Step into the enchanting world of magic with "Little Miss Magic" from the timeless Little Miss Classic Library series by Roger Hargreaves.

Little Miss Magic loves using her magical powers to help people, but what happens when someone manages to outsmart her? Can the charming Little Miss Magic conjure up a solution to rein in Mr. Tickle's mischievous tickles?

The timeless allure of the Mr. Men and Little Miss series continues to captivate generations of children with their endearing and amusing adventures. Bold illustrations and whimsical stories make Mr. Men and Little Miss the ideal storytime companions for children aged two and up. Have you met them all?

About the Author:
The late Roger Hargreaves, an English author and illustrator of children's books, left an indelible mark with his popular creations, including the beloved Mr. Men and Little Miss series. Inspired by a simple tickle, Hargreaves' imaginative characters, from the mischievous Mr. Tickle to the lovable Mr. Silly, have brought joy and laughter to countless children around the world.

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