• Books Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp

Books Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp


Embark on a magical journey with Mr. Funny as he brings a delightful twist to the timeless tale of Aladdin in "Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp."

Our whimsical friend, Mr. Funny, stumbles upon a magic flying carpet that whisks him away to the enchanting desert. There, he discovers a magic lamp harboring a melancholic Genie, eager to grant him three wishes. What will Mr. Funny wish for, and can his wishes bring a smile to the Genie's face?

The Mr Men and Little Miss Magic series invites young readers on a sparkling adventure, introducing extraordinary characters such as dragons, ogres, mermaids, princesses, fairies, pirates, and more.

These vibrant and colourful escapades are tailored for children aged two and upwards, with bold illustrations and humorous narratives that make Mr. Men and Little Miss the perfect storytime experience.

About the Author:
The rich legacy of the Mr Men and Little Miss series traces its origins to a simple tickle. When Adam Hargreaves queried his father, Roger Hargreaves, about the visual representation of a tickle, a small orange man with remarkably long arms emerged – thus, Mr. Tickle was born. Roger, a successful copywriter, envisioned creating children's books from home to spend more time with his four children. This vision gave rise to the first Mr Men titles, leading to an instant and enduring success. Although Roger passed away in 1988, Adam took up the mantle, introducing new characters and exciting adventures to carry forward his father's cherished legacy. As Roger once expressed, 'I feel very happy to think that when the Mr Men and Little Misses are 100 years old, their readers will always be five.'

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