• Books The Three Railway Engines

Books The Three Railway Engines


Embark on a journey back to the origins of the beloved Thomas the Tank Engine series with the beautiful hardback edition of "The Three Railway Engines" by Rev. W. Awdry.

In this classic tale, meet the iconic characters of Edward, Gordon, and Henry and witness the heartwarming story of how they became the best of friends. The charm and camaraderie of these characters continue to capture the hearts of millions worldwide.

Thomas the Tank Engine, accompanied by his friends Percy, Gordon, Toby, and many more, has been a source of joy for over 70 years. Reverend W. Awdry's timeless stories, originally crafted to entertain his son during an illness, have evolved into a global sensation. The enchanting adventures on Sodor Island have charmed generations, creating a lasting legacy.

Now, reintroduce yourself to the classic tales that started it all with these stunning new hardback editions of the original 'Railway Series.' The enduring popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine is a testament to the enduring magic of these stories.

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Thomas the Tank Engine 9781405276511
James the Red Engine 9781405276504
The Three Railway Engines 9781405276498

About the Author:
The Thomas the Tank Engine stories were born from the imaginative mind of Reverend Wilbert Awdry, who, growing up near the railway, believed that steam engines had distinct personalities. These captivating tales began as bedtime stories for his son, Christopher, during an illness. From those humble beginnings, the Railway Series emerged, consisting of 26 books. Today, Thomas the Tank Engine's legacy lives on through TV series, films, and the continued adoration of fans worldwide.

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