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Embark on a thrilling journey with the modern classic "The Whitby Witches" by Robin Jarvis, now presented in a glorious new edition. This timeless tale serves as the inspiration for "The Power of Dark" and its sequels.

As orphans Ben and Jennet find themselves in the charming seaside town of Whitby under the care of the vivacious 92-year-old Miss Alice Boston, they step into a world filled with enchantment and secrets. Ben, blessed with 'the sight,' possesses the ability to perceive the unseen, revealing a hidden community of fisher folk beneath the cliffs.

However, a looming darkness creeps through the streets of Whitby, casting a shadow of fear and death. Is it a ghost from the Abbey or a creature from the depths of hell? Unraveling the truth becomes imperative, for unless the mystery is unveiled, the town and its inhabitants face an ominous fate.

About the Author:
Robin Jarvis, a bestselling author renowned for his Deptford Mice and Whitby Witches series, commenced his writing journey in 1988. Before entering the literary world, he contributed his talents as a model maker for TV and films. Shortlisted for prestigious awards such as the Carnegie and Smarties Awards, Robin has claimed the Lancashire Libraries Book of the Year Award. Currently residing and creating in Greenwich, London, Robin Jarvis continues to captivate readers with his imaginative narratives.

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