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Step into the enchanting world of gardens with "Garden Secrets," a captivating, interactive peek-through board book that opens the gate to a vibrant world buzzing with life.

As children turn the pages, delightful surprises await—birds singing in the trees, insects bustling in the grass, plants growing, and a tranquil pond rippling with life. The innovative peek-through design of the book adds an element of discovery, making it an ideal introduction to the wonders of nature for young children.

About the Author: 
Louise Greig, an award-winning poet and children’s picture book author, brings her unique, lyrical voice to "Garden Secrets." Drawing inspiration from her childhood filled with animals and beloved picture books, Louise's debut, "The Night Box," received acclaim, earning nominations for prestigious awards. Based in Aberdeen, Louise is not only a storyteller but also the director of a dog rescue and re-homing organisation, with the wild solitude of Scotland influencing her creative spirit.

About the Illustratorn: 
Suzanne Barton, a graduate with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, lends her artistic brilliance to "Garden Secrets." Her debut, "The Dawn Chorus," was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Suzanne's illustrations, showcased in books like "Robin’s Winter Song," have a universal appeal, having been translated into multiple languages. With a knack for bringing stories to life visually, Suzanne's work is a testament to her passion for creating magical worlds within the pages of children's books.


  • Format/Binding: Hardcover/Board book
  • Number of pages: 24
  • Audience: Children
  • For Ages: 2 - 6 years

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