Caraz Baby Room Stand - 2-Pack

  Recommended Age: 6 months+

Introducing the Caraz Baby Room Stand - 2-Pack, the perfect solution to enhance your Caraz Baby Room experience. Specifically designed to serve as a reliable panel support, this accessory offers added stability and convenience for your little one's space. Here's what makes the Caraz Baby Room Stand a valuable addition:

  • Tailored for Caraz Baby Room: Exclusively crafted to complement and support the Caraz Baby Room, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.
  • Enhanced Stability: The stand serves as a robust panel support, contributing to the overall stability of your Caraz Baby Room. Ideal for active and playful babies.
  • Easy to Use: Simplify your parenting routine with this user-friendly panel support. The straightforward design makes assembly and attachment a breeze.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the Caraz Baby Room Stand guarantees long-lasting support, providing you with peace of mind.


Package Details:
Each package includes two Caraz Baby Room Stands, offering a complete set to reinforce the panels of your Caraz Baby Room.

Elevate your baby's surroundings with the Caraz Baby Room Stand - 2-Pack, designed exclusively for use with the Caraz Baby Room. Ensure a secure and stable environment for your little one to play and rest. Please note that this panel support piece is intended for use with the Caraz Baby Room only.

Our product #: 186179

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