• ELC Alphabet Pairs - Lower Case

ELC Alphabet Pairs - Lower Case

  Recommended Age: 2 - 5 years

Match the letters and pictures to learn the alphabet

Features and benefits for ELC Alphabet Pairs

  • Suitable for children from 2 years
  • Bright, colourful cards
  • Practising initial letter sounds
  • Developing social skills and communication
  • Little hands to enjoy sorting and matching
  • Helping your child link words and symbols
  • Building confidence and concentration
  • Helps develop memory skills
  • With bright, colourful pictures to help letter recognition.

How to play:
Word making 
For solo or group play. Shuffle all the cards and lay out 10 cards face up. See how many words you can make from the letters you see; for younger children, adult assistance will be required. The game can also be played competitively by a group of players using a clock, watch or egg timer. See who can make the most words in 2 minutes. Each letter card can only be used once in each new word.

Letter sounds and early words
Hold the letter card up and make the sound of the letter e.g. 'a' (as in a-p-p-l-e) - ask your child to repeat it. Point to the picture and ask your child to tell you what it is. If your child gives you the correct answer make the connection by saying 'a' is for 'a-p-p-l-e'. If a word or sound seems too difficult repeat the sound and tell your child what the picture is. Put the card aside and go back to it later.

What's in the box:
52 alphabet cards

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