HiPP Organic is the world’s No.1 best-selling organic baby food brand with a full range of products which far exceeds the most stringent quality requirements of the EU. HiPP manufactures a variety of organic baby products (including Combiotic infant milk, baby food, skin care series and baby water, etc.) providing superior organic quality that fits the unique needs of different ages.
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HIPP ORGANIC - The Leaders in organic nutritional infant products

Building on new knowledge from breast milk research, HiPP’s nutritional scientists have developed a new generation of milk formulae, HiPP Organic Combiotic® important dietary fibres (GOS*)natural lactic acid culturesomega-3.

HIPP baby formula key ingredients & features

1. Prebiotic dietary fibres (GOS*) modelled on breast milk. These prebiotic dietary fibres support healthy intestinal flora. *galacto-oligosaccharides – derived from lactose
2. Probiotic: Natural lactic acid cultures that were originally isolated from breast milk. Breast milk contains a large number of probiotic cultures that may differ individually.
3. starch-free, contains only lactose (like breastmilk)
4. Omega-3: essential Omega-3 fatty acids which are particularly important, because the body is unable to produce them on its own, and they are needed for brain and nerve cells and thus for the healthy growth of your baby.
5. Vitamin A, C, D for the immune system 
6. with Omega-3 fatty acids
7. Organic

Hipp baby food and other products avaialble at Baby Central HK

Hipp also make a range of other products such as  wipes and baby food - all available at Baby Central HK's online baby all with Same Day delivery.  Got questions about which Hipp formula stage or products to buy for your baby? Be sure to contact our friendly customer service team.