Jellycat Yummy Lamb 15x9cm


Meet the Yummy Lamb, the epitome of baby-friendly sweetness, wrapped in tufty custard-cream fur!

This delightful mini lamb is:

  • Perfectly Snuggle-Sized:

    • Just the right size for those comforting snuggles in a compact 15x9cm form.
  • Adorably Detailed:

    • Features tufty custard-cream fur, little leaf ears, bobbly paws, and a precious tiny tail.
  • Gentle Companion:

    • With a curious face and a heartwarming presence, it's an ideal cot or buggy companion.
  • Safety First:

    • Tested to and complies with the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3—safe for all ages.
  • Easy Maintenance:

    • Hand washable for simple care, ensuring the lamb stays cuddly and clean.
    • Avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning, or ironing to preserve its charm.
    • Not suitable for washing machines.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 10.3 x 8.3 cm
  • Weight: 70 Grams
  • Material: Plush 100% polyester



The Jellycat Yummy Lamb is the embodiment of cuddly joy, featuring tufty custard-cream fur that's perfect for gentle snuggles.

Adorned with endearing details like little leaf ears, bobbly paws, and a tiny tail, this mini lamb is a sweetheart.

Whether resting in the cot or accompanying adventures in the buggy, it's a comforting and adorable companion.


Safety and Care:

Rest assured, the Yummy Lamb adheres to stringent safety standards, providing a safe and delightful experience for all ages.

Easy to care for, simply hand wash to keep it clean and huggable.

Steer clear of machine washing, tumble drying, dry cleaning, or ironing to maintain its irresistible charm.

Bring home the Jellycat Yummy Lamb, and let the enchanting cuddles begin!

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