• Konfidence™ Splashy™ AquaNappy™ Swim Nappy (One Size) - Clownfish

Konfidence™ Splashy™ AquaNappy™ Swim Nappy (One Size) - Clownfish


  Recommended Age: 3 - 30 months

The Splashy™ AquaNappy™ is an eco- friendly, reusable swim nappy made using recycled plastic. The one size fits all nappy has been designed to replace disposable swim nappies. Every year hundreds of thousands of single use swim nappies are put into landfill and the Splashy™ AquaNappy™ is the solution.

One size fits all: With its unique velcro and popper system the AquaNappy fits all babies from 0-30 mths.

What's it made of?: Incorporating a triple layer design, the Splashy AquaNappy consists of a soft outer layer, a recycled PVC middle barrier layer and a soft inner mesh layer.

Do I need a disposable nappy as well?: NO! There are no other layers or inserts required – just pop it on your little one and they're ready to go swimming.

How do I clean it?: Simply empty the nappy and throw in the washing machine on a cool wash.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly made using recycled plastic.
  • Lots of fantastic designs.
  • One size fits all.
  • Approved as part of the double layer system required by swimming pools.
  • Easy to clean.

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