Leander Classic High Chair Tray - White


A white tray to fit the Leander high chair

The Leander high chair tray (which can only be used with the original Leander safety bar) can be used from ages 0-2 years, or as for as long as the safety bar is used. With a naturally curving design to match that of the high chair. 

The tray gives your little ones high chair more versatility - they can sit in their high chair to eat, draw and play! The sloping design helps keep liquid, food and drink on the tray rather than floor! It's also easy to wipe down and clean, as well as being dishwasher proof.  The tray is a meal and play tray that click directly onto the high chairs safety brace; as the tray is easily integrated with the safety brace, your child's fingers will not be squeezed between the tray and safety tray.

  • D: 41 cm B: 44 cm
  • EN-14988 : 2012 approved
  • Made from moulded plastic that is approved for foodstuffs*
  • Weighs 950g - both light and elegant, whilst remaining firm and stable

*The tray is made from thermoplastic (ABS) approved for use with foodstuffs. The tray complies with the requirements of the EN71-3 standard concerning hazardous substances, as well as the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72/EC relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. This means that your child‘s food can be placed directly on the tray.

Our product #: 61613

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