Manhattan Toy LEGO Harry Potter Plush


Kids will have a magical time engaging with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ plush character, perhaps in replicating their favorite scenes from the many J.K. Rowling's best-selling Harry Potter books and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter films featuring this main character or in creating alternative stories of adventure at Hogwarts™ or pretending to protect friendships from devious trolls or the abhorrent motives of Lord Voldemort™, adding a depth of play to their imaginative childhood experience.  This scaled up version of the LEGO Minifigure famed fictional Gryffindor captures the essence of the Harry Potter minifigure, making him unavoidably cool and an easy travel companion.  Put another brick in your little one’s foundation of imagination and creative self-expression with this inspiring toy from Manhattan Toy, under license from the LEGO Group.  Harry Potter is durably constructed with a soft body and flat feet, enabling him to stand upright on shelves as a collectible room décor when not part of playtime action.  Help your dedicated and emerging Harry Potter fans celebrate their favorite book or movie with this fantastic LEGO character!

  • Our LEGO® Harry Potter™ plush character is designed with character features from the Harry Potter book and film series
  • Plush toy LEGO® characters are adorned with embroidered costume accents, facial features and are suitable for all ages
  • Designed with balance to comfortably stand in place when not engaged in play, the LEGO® Harry Potter™ stuffed plush character is a durably constructed to withstand years of love
  • Once again, The LEGO Group has teamed up with Manhattan Toy to deliver high quality merchandise that embodies the fun and thrill of LEGO® characters.
  • LEGO® Harry Potter plush toy measures approximately 15.2cmD x 10.2cmW x 27.9cmH.

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