Mastro Geppetto Kids Drawing Board - Museo

  Recommended Age: 3 years+


"museo" is a graphic board that encourages children's rich growth, which makes smart & simple time for painting. It is easy to understand the position to store 16 colors of crayon lock (CrayonRock) like stone grass and made it to the top of the drawing board so that it can be put in and out easily with a small child easily. When the colorful crayon opened the board, it brightened the feelings of the child, I chose fun while choosing a crayon so that I could draw a picture. On the paper, 30 sheets of A4 copy paper which is generally easy to obtain are processed so that it can be inserted. After drawing a picture, you can fill the content with a simple function that binds the picture board and hangs the rubber stopper on the button. With this, we will instantly transform from picture boards into picture frames. The picture is framed in a big window in the front, and the color of the crayon used colors colorfully in the slender groove on the top. There is a hook hole which can hang a thumbtack or a nail on the wall and can easily hang the picture board on the top. The opening groove · button · hook chose the material and color so as not to disturb the "picture becoming the leading role". Designed to be "a nice landscape" when drawing and decorating. 

1) Promoting the rich growth of children, a drawing board that can make smart & simple time of painting. 
2) Easy to grip 16 color storage Crayon and easy-to-obtain A4 paper to help you keep your layout easy to organize. 
3) Simple design that transforms into a picture frame by binding boards, decorates the drawing work and makes it an interior. 
4) The children are able to repeat "drawing" and "decorating" so that they want to draw pictures every day. 
5) Decorate the paintings drawn on the house and create conversation and communication by seeing it with family. 
6) Not just a sensitive product, but a child can take action, and can convey the joy and pleasure of "making". 
7) MUSEO The picture decorated on the picture frame brightens the landscape of the house and it colors well. Product size: W350 x D335 x H26 mm Box size: W360 x D356 x H50 mm Crayon componen

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