Pearhead Clean-Touch Ink Pad - Black



  Recommended Age: 0 months+

Record those tiny hand or footprints forever with Pearhead's clever Clean Touch Ink Pads!

Perfect for baby announcement cards of a personalised frame from the grandies!


  • Achieves detailed print of baby's hand or footprint
  • Clean-Touch ink pad ensures baby never touches the ink
  • No mess and easy-to-use
  • 100% baby safe
  • 2 blank imprint cards 
  • Ink pads will accommodate hand/feet up to 5.5cm W x 9cm H

Colour: Black

To create an impression, make sure the ink is facing down on the included white card and press your baby's hand or foot onto the clean-touch ink pad. Your baby’s tiny print will be left on the card without any ink on baby! Let the ink pad dry for 1-2 days before displaying. This set includes 1 clean-touch ink pad and 2 impression cards in case you need to redo the print. Each ink pad has a two-time use maximum and it’s for newborns only. Ink pads will accommodate hand/feet up to 2.25” wide x 3.5” long. Now you will always be able to remember how little your baby’s piggies were and cherish them forever with Pearhead’s clean-touch ink pad. Product dimensions: 3.25” W x 4.75” H x .06” 

Our product #: 61816

Emily Towers
  So easy to use
Reviewed on: 2023-10-10
Verified Purchase
A friend bought the inkless print kit for my baby shower and it hard to use and every time you touch the paper it gets fingerprints and the wipes smell very potent on babies skins but this kit was so much easier and cleaner and no harmful smells or chemicals get transferred to baby

Kelly H.
  Very happy with outcome
Reviewed on: 2023-01-20
Verified Purchase
So easy to use! Got a great print of both my 2 month old's hand and foot, while she was asleep so there was so struggling to hold still!

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