Specialists in infant formula, Physiolac caters to the needs of new mothers from newborns to toddlers of up to 3 years old. The Phyisolac range of formulas helps mums make the switch from breastfeeding to formula with peace of mind, allowing them to choose a quality baby milk that meets baby's nutritional needs (even for those with delicate digestive systems)
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The Physiolac range offers a choice of infant formulas to help baby make a successful transition.

In the 1990s, a pharmacist, assisted by a nutritionist, began to think about developing a follow-on formula for babies that would help them grow and would ensure successful weaning from mother’s milk. In 1996, Physiolac was launched, with its 2 main product references to promote a smooth transition.
More than 15 years later, the Physiolac range has expanded, but the aim is still the same: to help mothers find the right follow-on formula with guaranteed expertise, quality and safety.

Made in France

Physiolac milks are made in France and imported to Hong Kong. 

Full Physiolac range at Baby Central HK

The full range of Physiolac range is available to buy from Baby Central HK with fast delivery to Hong Kong.  Looking for something we don't have?  Then be sure to contact our friendly support team as specialist Physiolac milks can he ordered in for you