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Books Poo In The Zoo


Plummeting giraffe poop that landed with a splat.

Dollops of gnu poo, bouncy kangaroo poo,

A trail of drippy droppings from a fat wombat!”

Join Zoo Keeper Bob in a poopy adventure that will leave children giggling with delight! In "Poo in the Zoo," authored by the talented Steve Smallman and brought to life by illustrator Ada Grey (known for "Shh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby"), prepare for a whimsical journey into the world of mysterious and glowing zoo poo.

Zoo Keeper Bob finds himself facing an overwhelming task – too much poo in the zoo! As the tireless scoop-up hero, Bob discovers something out of the ordinary one day – a poo that glows mysteriously. Could it be extraterrestrial droppings from outer space? The story takes an amusing turn, and young readers are in for a treat as they follow Bob's hilarious attempts to handle this glowing enigma.

This uproarious picture book, perfect for fans of "The Dinosaur Who Pooped Christmas," is a delightful blend of romping rhyme, cheeky wordplay, and infectious humour that makes it a joy to read aloud. Steve Smallman, renowned for works like "Dragon Stew," crafts a tale that will have children in stitches, while Ada Grey's illustrations add a whimsical touch to the laughter-filled narrative.

For a rib-tickling, poopy escapade that promises laughs aplenty, "Poo in the Zoo" is the go-to choice. Whether read independently or shared during storytime, this book is a hilarious addition to children's libraries.

About the Author:
Steve Smallman, with over 30 years of experience in illustrating children's books, has seamlessly transitioned into crafting his own captivating stories. Apart from his literary pursuits, Steve shares his artistic expertise through illustration and mural-painting workshops in schools. When not immersed in the world of storytelling, he enjoys films, television, gardening, and countryside walks.

About the Illustrator:
Ada Grey, after working for design companies, discovered her passion for doodling and embraced her artistic calling. Nestled in Brighton with her daughter and the cat, Ming the Merciless, Ada's studio witnesses the delightful chaos of creativity. Known for her love of picture books, penchant for drawing (even in the messiest of studios), and a unique fondness for cheese and spaghetti combos, Ada Grey brings a distinctive charm to her illustrations.

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