ProEyes Childrens Blue Light Blocking Glasses - 5803 Pink (4-11yrs)

  Recommended Age: 4 - 11 years
  • Not like other computer lenses, the blue light protection is not coated on the surface of the lenses, but directly added into the
  • lens material. Lenses are anti reflective, clear in color and appearance and remain clarity in vision and provide the most comfort to
  • wearers.
  • Blocks harmful blue light, reduces eye strain and protects premature kid’s eyes.
  • Helps control your natural sleep and wake cycle, not disturbing your hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy and
  • improves sleep quality.
  • UV protection &a good for outdoor wear.
  • Non-prescription lenses, good for wearers with no vision problem.

Using TR90 lightweight material, no deformation & discoloration.
Silicone adjustable nose pads perfectly rest on your nose.
Arm length can be adjusted and fitted easily on kid’s face.
Case and lens cloth included.
Frame case is offered as a gift. Case color can be different and non-changeable.
6-month warranty covers replacement caused by manufacturing defects

Our Product #: 204798

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