• Splash About Splash Pals Baby Swim and Teething Toys - Seal

Splash About Splash Pals Baby Swim and Teething Toys - Seal


Splash Pals TM swim toys are specially designed with young teething babies and toddlers in mind. Made from natural rubber and hand finished with food grade 7 paint they are safe from all toxins including; BPA, PVC and Phthalates, making them the perfect chewable baby toy for use in the bath, in the pool and even on holiday. Swim teacher and midwife recommended, Splash Pals are perfect for baby bath time and swim time as they are mould resistant and perfectly safe for babies to chew relieving sore and irritated gums. The unique floating position ensures they always tip onto their backs to float, which is an important technique all babies and young children are taught when learning how to swim.

MOULD RESISTANT: The build up of mould on and inside bath toys is extremely hard to remove and can be dangerous to babies and children, which is why the Splash PalsTM have been designed without a water squirt feature. The surface is also naturally repellent to the growth of spores meaning they will stay mould free for longer. Always make sure they are rinsed in cold un-chlorinated water after use & put away once dry.

  • Free from BPA, PVA and phthalates. Mould resistant, to protect against harmful spores
  • Helps to teach babies and young children about floating on their back
  • Helps to sooth sore gums and aids distraction for crying babies
  • Recommended by swim teachers, midwives and parents
  • 4 Splash Pals to collect

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