Vorgee Junior Kickboard - Pink


All-Australian brand Vorgee has developed a range of swim training aids and pool rehabilitation accessories, with the junior version of the kickboard helping to get children get more confident in the water and improving their kicking technique.

This junior kickboard gets your leg and back muscles working and strengthens your lower body.

The kickboard is held at arm's length to float the upper body, forcing you to improve the kicking technique of your legs to progress in the water.

The swim training aid is densely compressed to ensure maximum buoyancy.

Other features of the Vorgee junior kickboard for swim training are:
- Classic streamlined kickboard design in aqua blue and pink colours .
- High-quality one piece construction.
- Anti-slip indentation on its surface.
- Dimensions: 37cm x 25.5cm x 2.5cm.

NOTE Adults sometimes prefer to use the junior kickboard for swim training due to its smaller size: you'll have to kick better and harder to make progress.

Tip To make your swim training aid last longer, avoid contact with sharp objects, rinse it with fresh water after every use, and store it in a cool, dry place.