Wow Gear Wow Kid SnackPals Snack Dispenser - Blue Eco - 6 ounce/177ml


SnackPals® Spill Free Snack Dispenser is designed unlike any other snack dispenser in the market today. Our first-of-a-kind, revolutionary design is spill free while keeping snacks clean and fresh without recontamination by the child and exposure to the open air.

Product design:
SnackPals® Interlocking hinges dispense snacks one mouthful at a time. When the cap is closed the flow gate swings freely allowing a few snacks to escape. But when the cap is opened, the flow gate stays closed helping to ensure that snacks only go where they belong.

Safety features:
Portion Control: Dispense snacks one mouthful at a time; No Spills: Means fewer snacks on the floor and under the car seat; Easy to Use: Keep snacks organized; Clean Storage: Keep the snack inside, fresh and clean and sand and dirt out; BPA & PVC Free: 100% guaranteed food safe; Dishwasher Safe.

SnackPals® provides portion control by delivering one mouthful at a time. At first the serving cup is empty, turn it upside down, give a little shake and...Voilà !!! Open the cap and your next few snacks are waiting! No other snack dispenser in the market offers this much innovative function, design and fun for a child.

User experience:
Fun and Easy to use: SnackPals® delivers one mouthful at a time. The child thinks “It seems like Magic!™ ” but the parents know it is about portion control and rate of feeding. The child has fun interacting and using the product while the parents know it is the best, safe and healthy snack solution.

Our product #: 63113

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