• Zazu Henry The Hedgehog Projector

Zazu Henry The Hedgehog Projector


Create a serene bedtime environment for your little one with Zazu's Henry The Hedgehog Projector. Designed to aid your child in falling asleep peacefully, this enchanting projector operates in three soothing phases, automatically turning off after 30 minutes.

Key Features:

  1. 3-Step Sleep Program:

    • Follow a gentle 3-step sleep program to ease your baby into a restful slumber.
    • Delightful animation with the sun, birds, and calming music in each phase.
  2. Magical Sunset Projection:

    • Project a mesmerizing sunset with birds flying around the room.
    • Soft orange light supports melatonin production, the sleep hormone.
  3. Cry Sensor:

    • Reactivates the projector upon hearing your baby cry, providing comfort and aiding in settling back to sleep.
  4. Dimensions:

    • Compact size: 16 x 13 (h) x 24 cm

Three Soothing Melodies: Henry The Hedgehog offers three tranquil melodies, including African sunset music, lullabies, and a comforting heartbeat sound. Create a magical bedtime atmosphere that helps your child unwind and drift into a peaceful sleep.

Sunset Sky Portable Lamp: Henry's magical orange sunset sky with birds creates a serene bedtime ambiance. The Hedgehog shell illuminates like a constellation, turning any room into a tranquil wonderland.

30 Minutes Auto-Off: The projector gradually fades the animation in three stages over 30 minutes, promoting relaxation and a smooth transition into deep sleep for your little one.

Safe, Portable, and Easy Control:

  • Tap the button to effortlessly turn the lamp on/off.
  • Crafted from 100% baby-safe BPA-free materials.
  • Portable, hand-held size for easy use during playtime or bedtime.
  • Runs on batteries with long-life LEDs that remain cool, ensuring safety near cribs or beds.

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Elevate bedtime with Zazu Henry The Hedgehog Projector, turning each night into a magical sleep ritual for your little one. Order now for enchanting and peaceful nights!

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