• Books Little Miss Splendid and the Princess

Books Little Miss Splendid and the Princess


Embark on another enchanting journey with "Little Miss Splendid and the Princess" by Roger Hargreaves, a magical addition to the beloved Mr Men Little Miss Magic series.

Little Miss Splendid reigns supreme as the most splendid character in Mr Men land, until a delightful twist occurs – a Princess moves in next door! Discover the magic that unfolds when these two neighbours meet in this captivating Little Miss story.

The Mr Men and Little Miss Magic series invites children on a sparkling adventure, introducing them to extraordinary characters like dragons, ogres, mermaids, princesses, fairies, pirates, and more. These colourful escapades are designed to delight children aged two and upwards. The bold illustrations and humorous stories ensure that Mr Men and Little Miss continue to be the perfect story time experience.

About the Author:
The imaginative journey of Mr Men and Little Miss began with a simple tickle. Inspired by his son Adam's inquiry about the appearance of a tickle, Roger Hargreaves created the first character, Mr. Tickle. This laid the foundation for beloved figures such as Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, and Mr. Bump. The overwhelming success led to a host of characters, including Little Miss Shy. Roger's legacy lives on through these charming characters, bringing joy to generations of readers.

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