• Books Mr. Tickle 50th Anniversary Edition

Books Mr. Tickle 50th Anniversary Edition


Celebrate the timeless tale that introduced the Mr Men to the world with this special 50th-anniversary edition!

Meet Mr. Tickle, the small, round fellow with arms that stretch and stretch – extraordinarily long arms, perfect for spreading joy through the art of tickling! 

In 1971, the delightful story of Mr Tickle was born, bringing laughter and tickles to children everywhere. Now, 50 years later, enjoy this special upsized edition of the classic tale, complete with a bonus new story that unravels how it all began. A perfect gift for avid fans of the Mr Men.

The delightful Mr Men and Little Miss characters have been enchanting children for generations with their charming and humorous antics. Bold illustrations and amusing stories ensure that Mr Men and Little Miss provide the perfect storytime experience for children aged two and up. Have you met all the lovable characters in this timeless series?

About the Author:
The heartwarming journey of Mr. Men and Little Miss began with a simple tickle. In response to his son Adam's curiosity about the essence of a tickle, Roger Hargreaves crafted a small orange man with extraordinarily long arms – the birth of Mr. Tickle. This light-hearted inception led to the creation of characters like Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, and Mr. Bump. The books swiftly captured hearts, and Roger continued to introduce a host of beloved characters, bringing joy to both children and adults for generations.

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