• Books Tee and Mo: Are We Ready To Go?

Books Tee and Mo: Are We Ready To Go?


Experience the charm of this gorgeous debut picture book, inspired by the beloved CBeebies preschool series Tee and Mo! Based on the heartwarming Tee and Mo song by Lauren Laverne, the story delves into the special bond between Tee, a playful three-year-old monkey, and his single working mum, Mo, as they navigate life in the jungle.

Tee and Mo, like any duo, sometimes have different plans, but their adventures always lead to loads of fun! In this tale, it's picnic day, and Tee and Mo are eagerly gearing up for their outing... but is everything truly ready to go?

This delightful picture book captures that familiar moment when, just before dashing out the door, you realize something's been forgotten. With vivid illustrations and engaging storytelling, Tee and Mo's story resonates with both children and parents.

As a special treat, the book, "Tee and Mo: Are We Ready to Go?" includes the song lyrics and a QR code, allowing you to enjoy the Tee and Mo song along with the delightful tale!

About the Author:
Lauren Laverne brings to life a brand-new story inspired by one of CBeebies' cherished Tee and Mo songs. This delightful narrative explores the unique and heartwarming relationship between Tee, the adventurous three-year-old monkey, and Mo, his hardworking single mum, as they navigate the wonders of jungle life

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