• Konfidence™ Floatsuit - Pink Breton Stripe - 1-2 Years

Konfidence™ Floatsuit - Pink Breton Stripe - 1-2 Years


  Recommended Age: 1-2 years

For those who prefer the more traditional swimsuit, we created the ever-so cute Konfidence Floatsuits. They work on the same principle as The Original Konfidence Jacket, providing adjustable buoyancy for the wearer and freedom of movement through eight removable floats worn in outer pockets.

Constructed from quick drying close-knit Lycra, the all-in-one swimsuit design offers a number of benefits:

  • Adjustable buoyancy allows you to tailor it to your child's weight to ensure that they are not under- or over-supported in the water
  • 30+ UPF sun protection for sun protection on all covered areas when worn outside
  • Quick-drying stretchy Lycra provides both comfort and convenience
  • T-shirt top design on selected Konfidence Floatsuits offers 50+ UPF sun protection and additional protection across the shoulders and upper arms
  • The swimsuit design gives carers confidence and security in knowing that their little ones will always have the buoyancy they need

Care Instructions:
The Konfidence Floatsuit should be washed in cold clean water and hung to dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry and do not iron. If the floatsuit is used in the swimming pool or sea, chlorine and seawater can have a bleaching effect on the colours and damage Lycra threads, so to avoid degradation please rinse out in clean water as soon as possible. Please do not leave in a warm or hot car without rinsing first, as this can increase the chance of chlorine damage.

Please note: All measurements are approximate and will depend on the size and water confidence of your individual child.
Size / Weight / Chest Size
1 to 2 years    10 to 16 kg (22 to 35 lbs)    Up to 56 cm (22 inches)
2 to 3 years    16 to 20 kg (35 to 44 lbs)    Up to 58 cm (23 inches)
4 to 5 years    20 to 25 kg (44 to 55 lbs)    Up to 61 cm (24 inches)

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